OGRID Security Modeling

We accelerate building of firewall policies. The OGRID is an optimization modeling tool. It produces the security policies for firewalls based on the various input attributes.



Firewall rule suggestions by matching the flow and Syslog patterns.


Firewall policies between specific vendors.


Configuration best practices and policy optimizations.

How NET.AI can help you?

Net.AI is a company which understands the infrastructure. With a focus on the networking and security we apply intelligent functions to the solutions engines to accelerate your daily operations.

Network and Security models

Reflect relations between objects

Traffic audit

Traffic learning, inspection and
data mining

Optimization engines

Ready to use recommendations

Value proposition

IntelligenceUnderstand data, events and correlations.

Time to marketSpeed up deployments of networking and security architectures.

OptimizationTune your infrastructure, predict events.